Lab Report: Terror on London’s Underground

More terror: The stress for London continues with the fifth major terrorist attack of this year, an explosion on a crowded underground train this morning that sent at least 22 to the hospital. The New York Times reports:

Taken together, the terrorist violence has been the deadliest on British soil since July 7, 2005, when suicide bombers set off explosions on three subway cars and a double-decker bus in London, killing 52 people and injuring scores of others.

The new attack immediately revived concerns that militants might be targeting the Underground, commonly known as the Tube — the world’s oldest subway system and one of its busiest.

Tech vs. cities: Apple and Amazon may have different strategies—Apple insulating itself in its Cupertino spaceship as Amazon hunts for a new urban site—but a Los Angeles Times column finds the same attitude beneath the hood: “that the wealthiest and most powerful tech companies owe nothing to the American city.”

Second take on rural poverty: The Washington Post is calling for “a smarter narrative on rural America,” after finding virtually no change in the income gap between metro vs. non-metro areas over the past two decades—Census numbers that “don’t exactly square with the relentless narrative of rural decline.”

Canada’s robot hub: Montreal is no Silicon Valley, but it’s on the way to becoming a hotbed for artificial intelligence technology. See: Facebook’s plans to open its fourth AI research lab in the Canadian city. (Fast Company)

Cycling down: Though bike commuting rates have slipped for the second year in a row across the U.S., a handful of cities including Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Cleveland are posting all-time highs. (Streetsblog)

Designing Atlanta: There’s much to like about the Atlanta City Design—a blueprint that includes new transit options, parks, and affordable housing—but without good schools, are parents really going to stick around? (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)