I created the DIY Science Zone™ in 2013. Where is the #DIYscizone going next?

Back in 2013, I created the DIY Science Zone™ as an program submission to GeekGirlCon. After the success of that first year at GeekGirlCon, I have managed all aspects of the DIY Science Zone while this innovative program was hosted at GeekGirlCon. This year, at GeekGirlCon 2017, will be the 5th DIY Science Zone!

It has been fantastic 5 years! It would not have been a success without the zone’s amazing donors, the super zone scientist volunteers, and host & staff support by GeekGirlCon. I have served for over five years as a GeekGirlCon staff member manager the zone I created, being on the social media team prior to that. Thank you, GeekGirlCon!

Five years makes one ask…

What next? 

  • What new experiments to run?
  • Which new scientists and educators to partner with?
  • What grants to pursue for longer-term funding?
  • What hosting conventions to partner with?
  • …many more…

The DIY Science Zone is my creation, my passion project, and I love it. The motto and goal of the DIY Science Zone is “STEM for all!”. Whatever comes next, I will continue to strive for the zone’s goal. STEM for all!

GeekGirlCon2016 DIY Science-19404

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