Google autofill: Are chemists…?

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Over at Generation Anthropocene, my favorite geologist – the one and only Dr. Mile Traer – had some fun with Google autofill’s returns to “Are geologists…”. I wondered at the possibility of doing the same for chemists…. hmmmmm… Dr. Traer was all…

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He even sent me the top Google autofill returns!

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Are chemists a special class of mortals?

Yes. All chemists originally hail from The Realm of Order, but have traveled to the Earthrealm to participate in  Mortal Kombat, AKA “graduate school”.

Grad school exams are no joke. Source: tumblr

Are chemists doctors?

Some chemists are doctors, holding either a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Medical Doctorate (MD). We all enjoy wearing white coats, we each have horrible handwriting, and many of us would mainline coffee if it didn’t prompt stares from non-chemists.

Not as convenient, but what can you do? Source: Giphy

Are chemists good cooks?

Even the POTUS agrees. Source ReactionGifs

There’s a whole lotta chemistry in cooking and there are a lot of chemists that are food scientists. Here are some fun chemistry & cooking links!

…and did you know that food chemists have secret lives?! For realz! The Secret Lives of USDA Food Chemists from the USDA!

Are chemists in demand?

Are chemists in jps?

Jackson public schools?  Perhaps. Journal of Polymer Science? You bet. JPS Health Network? Probably.

Are chemists open on Saturdays?

We try to be open to new ideas all seven days of the week, but I’m thinking this use of “chemist” is from searches in the UK or Australia where chemist = pharmacist. Hey, maybe the person looking for chemists in jps, was looking for a pharmacist… hmmmmm…..

Are chemists smart?

source: tumblr

Real talk? There’s a difference between book learn’ smart, handling your business smart, interpersonal relationship smart, etc. Some chemists are smart in one or more areas and not so much in others. Just like every other member of The Realm of Order. And humans.